Helpful Tips

We care about our customers and therefore have developed a clear plan for successfully buying in USA. 1) For a smooth and fast delivery of your order, we recommend to collect products from one to a maximum of two US online stores. 2) We recommend to buy from direct sellers (e-shops), shopping centers (eg, - Avoid long transport time in America - Save considerable amount of money on postage to our warehouse in America (e-malls offering products from many eshops, and if you order more products from various e-stores will pay postage for each transaction will be sent). 3) The choice of transport from our warehouse in America to your country, from our own experience, we recommend you select USPS Express Mail (more reliable, accurate tracking, faster delivery, cheaper insurance). 4) Shoppingusa automatically uses the cheapest transportation e-shop to our warehouse in America. For a faster method of transportation fill the place for special instructions in the last step of making order. Options for delivery in America in e-shops you can see right Shipping. 5) your order, you can watch 24 hours a day with tracking number, which you get by email. Each of your orders can be tracked at what stage he is. After sending the order from our warehouse in America to your country, will be assigned a tracking number, which you can know where is your shipment.